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Time to get out those little drool bibs and have them on her all the time. Maybe even on you, attached in appropriate places. Go granbaby, go!!! Love ya.


Well, I now need to de-tox-am totally addicted to the peanut. It was very hard to hand her over to her parents after the sleep-over because she had my fingers in a death-grip. Went today as well-more kisses, spit-up, roll-overs, bath time and lots of milk guzzeling. Some burps, some laughs, then home again to poor Kipper, the cat, suffering from pancreatitis and hospitalized at the vet for nutrition during the day-released for love at nite and companionship of his brother, Pewter. Cannot get enuf of this baby--for fotos go to:http://homepage.mac.com/rickifier/PhotoAlbum19.html so you can drool with envy over this treasure!


Congrats, dude! The roll-over is huge! Definitely a major milestone.


Congrats on the rollover! As for the fist down the throat thing? It gets a lot worse. My daughter did it and I thought my son was going to bypass it, I was wrong. Just for fun he gags himself then giggles. He even giggles after the self induced exorcist type explosions.

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