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I have kids. Can I come drink beer from your octopus tap?

Do you really have an octopus tap?


is that like one of those skull bongs where like ten people can take a hit at the same time? to think that at one point my life's greatest ambition was to own one of those.


you had a sandwich made with BELGIAN WAFFLES to replace the bread? i am relocating to this wonderland you call brooklyn...


Holy crap. My eye was initially drawn to Willy on the right -- I saw him in concert on Thursday.

Then I read the sad whimperings of a life collapsed in upon its own ...nothing. Brother, rise up and take not the life brought to you by nappies and those-not-driven-away-by-drivel, but rather the existence you design. Don't "find" yourself, "define" yourself".

Look into the mirror and see if you are on the path that ever gets Clarabelle to say "yeah, my dad's kind of cool." Don't let the train on your former soul pull out of the station.

Your good friend.


So let me get this straight, Oodgie has gone to neighborhood activities and has brought back some friends? And you get to have intelligent conversations and drinks with them? Wow. It used to be like that for me in New Jersey. Do. Not. Laugh. My neighbors here just talk about God and George Bush.


That is so true. We moved about 9 months ago and if it weren't for our kids I think we would still be friendless!


I am now officially obsessed with this idea of a sandwich made with Belgian Waffles. Pray tell, where did you experience this amazing gastronomical invention? Was it a home creation or is there actually an ingenious institution where one might procure such a sandwich?

Phat Daddy

Kids have that amazing effect on your social life. One day you're desperately trying to find other people who share your love of video games, funk and artisanal beer... the next you're surrounded by people regale each other with tales of explosive diapers and the horrors of trying to change a kid in NYC.

Raising a child is a little like war in that sense. It bonds together people who are knee-deep in the trenches of poop and tantrums.

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