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well...being of the mildly slovenly type (i wear 98% of what i eat)i am betting my chili's cert on the coffeee or slain wild beast sir, since i already soaked my pressed shirt with both since i got to my office! i, however, accept my predisposition and buy only dark shirts to avoid delaware or any other state resembling stains giving away my sloppy-secret!


Coffee from the mug by 10:38 a.m. AND a piece of lettuce with "freedom dressing" -- we must be consistent, musn't we? -- by 1:52 p.m.


I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say either hoisin sauce or some sort of chutney.


I'm gonna have to go with the coffee at 10:45 CST.

Why? Because it actually happened to me this morning. My 'travel' mug decided to not act so 'travely' and I have a nice coffee-stained dribble mark on my nicely pressed white shirt and 'gop' tie.


I have to go with the ketchup. I would say mustard if you actually liked the stuff.


UPDATE: It's 12:14, and all is good so far. Some crumbs from part of a stale bagel ricocheted off earlier, but the travel mug seems to have held up for once. I'm off to lunch...wish me luck!


i'm going to have to with the classic ketchup stain. one way or another it's almost garunteed, but for saftey's sake i'm going to add musterd to my guess.


Isnt it amazing that every other day of your life you can eat or drink like an adult, without wearing most of it, EXCEPT on the day you choose to wear white. Its like a RULE that you must f*** up your outfit in a HUGE way by dropping something very bright and large to stain yourself. And if you yourself manage to avoid ruining the clothes, rest assured, your child will find a way to do it for you. Arent they sweet? :)

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