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Mr. Big Dubya

You got a mime? Which one? Shields? Yarnell? Marcel Marceau?


I wish I'd gotten a mime, although you can never get them out of those damn invisible boxes they come in.

Spelling error is corrected. Long live Jambi.


How did you do with the fantasy football this year? I hate forsaken all else for a losing season whichj I had this year. F-ing T.O.


I'm honored to be the only girl playing, although after Chag's post about the neighborhood sex chat, I'm a little nervous. And no, I will not be talking about sex. Lingere, maybe. We'll see.

suburban misfit

That hobo comment made me snort half-chewed Cape Cod Sea Salt and Vinegar chips out my nose.

Ok, not really, but that's a good visual, isn't it?


I know all the words to "Bust a Move," too!

What the hell is with the hobo thing?

And, a Captain Crunch popper? You'll shoot your eye out!

Thanks for playing . . .

Mr. Big Dubya

Ok - done


My Yahoo fantasy team sucked (that's what happens when you have T.O. AND Culpepper on the same team and they both implode during the freakin' season!!!)

Sorry, had to vent about it somewhere...

Nice list, btw.

the weirdgirl

I had a sudden image of you in a tube top chasing down a hobo to make nachos out of him. thanks!

Phat Daddy

Gads. This could get ugly.


Dude! Garth Brooks? That fucking does it. We're breaking up.

Chocolate Makes it Better

Ok 'you pick at your sideburns'??????

If you had a big pair of elvis mutton chops I could understand?

But you know what.....your snack list more than make up for your sideburns. That's a damn fine snack list.


An alarming discovery this evening, as I was watching VH1 Classic: I apparently also know all the words to "Every Rose Has It's Thorn." I don't know if I should be intensely proud or horribly ashamed.


Well shite... I saw your email, and still spaced this damned thing. And yes, I'm just now reading this entry... that's how far behind I am... I clearly suck.

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