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well in the spirit of not being too creepy...which really does take the whole voyueristic fun out of it...i will say hello! so hello crouton boy and fam!


well in the spirit of not being too creepy...which really does take the whole voyueristic fun out of it...i will say hello! so hello to you sir and fam!


You get two comments, and one of them is a duplicate? Not to worry - I got your back.

suburban misfit

I'm new, but I'm not really a lurker, am I?

And that comment about me being a cheerleader? You can't imagine how giggly that made me.


I am officially de-lurking! I'm a regular reader and just wanted to say hello. Always enjoy checking out what's new with your family.


Hope all is well. Standing up to be counted!


I'm a lurker......... also from Spokane originally, imagine that?


you know i think this de-lurking campaign is really dumb. i simply refuse to keep track of what class of reader I am... maybe i have commented before? who is auditing this?

greetings from a reader. aka HI ... but that is with no eye contact and I am moving really fast.

Tracy Lynn

Hi. First time reader, and out of the closet already. You go, Croutonboy!


I just come here for the picures of the kid.

Mr. Big Dubya

Hi - love your blog - what a great site! I was surfing the web and came across this great product <> - you should really check it out! I will definitely bookmark you so I can keep up with everything. Keep up the great work! <>


I think you are 'da bomb'.


chelsyliz - Boise in da house! Welcome

Lori - a Spokane survivor! So few of us escape...

mo-wo - your name and identity have been registered with the appropriate government authorities, and I've tapped your phone. Beyond that your anonymity is secure. ;-)

Tracy Lynn - thanks and welcome

Meredith - rearrange the letters and I'm also "b mo bad". Not sure where I was going with that, but thanks!

Dubya - so if I insert "Swedish love pump" or "anti-itch ointment" what does that say about you?

Thanks for your support all!


what up?


I am a half lurker. Hi.


I'm not sure if I've commented before or not, but I've been here several times. And I'm quite sure you get more traffic than lots of blogs out there (including mine!)...

the weirdgirl

I seem incapable of lurking (as you know).


see croutonspouse, you're loved and admired...and not just by me and cheeky. and by the way, a movie tip: DON'T anyone see cassanova. oof, even cheeky was oodgie within a few minutes....

Mr. Big Dubya

I'd say - "That's not my bag, baby."

Mr. Big Dubya

Oh - damn - I completely missed it - Oodgie speaks

Hi Oodgie!

Phat Daddy

Not lurking...stalking.

Lots of lurkers on my site.


I don't know, I just googled "cheerleaders and poop" and I'm not sure what this is but ...



What a great week - I get to finally come clean on my propensity for lurking (spiced with a healthy dose of procrastination) and wish Cheeky a happy half-year birthday!

Howdy from the only person Oodgie knows in Dallas


I lurk because I keep hoping you're going to reveal the secret of how to waste a weekend playing god of war and still deal with an annoying drool machine clinging to your elbow.

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