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Ouch. It hurts when it's like this, but it does end eventually. Good luck!


Just when you get into a good rhythm with 'em, they throw you for a loop.

Little bastards.


SMile........................Maybe she just needs some good old northwestern fresh air. Hummmmm...............?

Phat Daddy

Oh...just you wait. I suggest you get one of those mouthpieces for teeth grinders once she is closer to one.

Daddy Bun

Oh man, I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this...I'm exhausted.


U seem like the most patient person on earth to me. I can't even picture you pissed off. What do you do? You say "darn it" a couple of times to yourself?

Don't know if you did anything to your blog layout but it's working fine know in Firefox and Windows. I like it better than before:-))

I'm still holding out swithcing to Mac until the new, small Ibook or Powerbook's come out. Should be very soon I hope.

AD, out of NYC (just for one day before heading back to Sweden)


We feel your pain brother. In my highly scientific survey from last week about 50% of ALL children, those spawn of bloggers and non-bloggers, went bad last week.

Conditions persist from 3 to 10 days.


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