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Considering that my next two major personal purchases are going to be an Xbox 360 and a Sector 9 skateboard...yes. Yes I am. Does that make me "cool"? Hell if I know, but what am I supposed to do? When I became a dad, was there some societal expectation that I'd lounge around the house in my shirt and tie and cardigan, pipe in hand, like Ward Cleaver? (Wait - Kurt Cobain wore cardigans. Well, whatever, never mind...)

I thought that article was, save that last paragraph, piss poor - another attempt by some wanna-be Tom Wolfe to place his personal stamp on modern culture.


Wow. I just read the article and with a few small exceptions, my husband and I are grups. Hmm. I honestly didn't think we fell into any sort of group--not because we were TRYING to be different, it's just how it was.

I can't WAIT to do the happy hour with my kids! I am sure that will have to wait until we move back East. There is no way they have that nonsense here in Cincinnati.


NP in NYC? Awesome. And while I just love that there is another hole in which this pigeon may roost (?), I prefer being referred to as "immature".

chocolate makes it better

So does that mean our kids are Gruppies?


My kids are wearing Misfits onesies in their birth announcement, but I don't own an ipod - yet. So, maybe?

Daddy Bun

over here the Bun only rocks out to the classic Danzig-era Misfits - not the current poser-Misfits band...

the weirdgirl

I think me and Keen are pretty much Grups (and that was one of my favorite Star Trek episodes, so yeah, instant credibility), though I didn't realize refusing to grow up was a generational movement. And I still get weird looks occasionally... but rock on! This totally validates the stand up arcade games we have out in the garage. (Like I worried that they needed validation... they're video games, hello?!)

(P.S. I'm an ENTP)

the weirdgirl

Hey! we should send a link to this article over to Dutch and then watch him go into a rant about he's not a Grup! (He so is.)

zygote daddy

Wait, so if I'm too young and poor and noncoastal to be a grup, does that just make me a wannabe poser slob?

dear wife

Mostly wear I connected with that article was the whole passion thing. This is completely where I see the most important thing I want to install in my children. I watched my dad sacrafice what he wanted to do for a living for us kids, and while I am eternally grateful I wish he had done what made him happy instead. This is important to me, that I do what I want and that will be what is best for the kid. So I guess in that way I am a Grup, although I am too young to be one. Oh well I never fit into any of these categories, I also had not heard of most of the bands mentioned and I am in my twenties, I guess I am just a loser, that sounds good to me.

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