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let your people go


dude. that is one of the scariest things i've ever heard. the kiddo's nana was in asia for 5 weeks recently. it sucked. she kept asking why she couldn't call nana.
i realize that people who don't have grandparents who live close by (or are no longer living) are probably reading this and thinking i'm a total baby.
well i am.


We wouldn't leave TV with the former generation for five minutes; We've been down that road before, and look how we turned out.


I think you've found the secret component, alcohol! Being alone without family in town is a bit tough at times. We've done it for two years and I must say it would have been great with some backup occasionally. But by figuring things out by yourself invaluable lessons are learned and you become much closer to your child.

I'm sure you'll do just fine. Should I send over a few extra strong Elephant Beers or call the shrink??


Phat Daddy

You get no sympathy from me you well tanned Red Stripe drinker. The closest Phat Daddy parent is over 500 miles away. We haven't had a break in over 3.5 years.

In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz, "Ha Ha!"

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