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That is precisely the ONLY reason we would ever step foot into an Applebee's...

A little more "kid-friendly" than some other (and better) dining establishments.


Dude, that sucks. See, why I order for delivery so often? Other good kid friendly places are Chili's and Olive Garden.


On reading this vignette, I laughed until I was blue in the face. Thank you for including the helpful diagram in your post.


Memo to Self: No more ribs for the baby. I'm going to have to remember that one. Hope everything turned out ok. Don't let it get you discouraged. We ALL have restaurant experiences like that. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you never know what's going to happen with your kid in a restaurant until you're actually there. There are good times. There are bad times. Just keep on hanging on, dude!


My wife still tries to talk me into bringing all three of our kids into restaurants. It seems that after a few months I forget how horrible it is and we try. Then of course, anarchy.
Nice job saving Cheeky, that choking thing is not funny.


You probably don't remember that we stopped going out to eat after your brother was born. We got tired of eating in shifts, one in the restaurant with you, one in the car with Michael, As well, as spilt milk, swimming-in-syrup pancakes, ape-like impressions, and screams when a taco chip was removed from his mouth. Ahhhhhh. it just seems like yesterday.........Smile.......


Oh, for the days when I will be able to go to a restaurant without someone shooting me dirty looks...I can't wait.

dutch from sweet juniper

dude, what about the slope next time?


Wow--that sucks. Don't give up on the restaurants. But you are right about the ease going to the gross chain restaurants. A lot less hassle and CRAYONS for the kids to eat or use to color.

Phat Daddy

Yeah, restaurants are pretty much out of the question between the ages of 1 to 2 and a half. I suggest that you frequent asian and south american places. They don't seem to have problem with people who have reproduced.


Yeah, Applebees food sucks, but they have Blue Moon on tap, and they don't give a rats ass what my kids throw on the floor.

the weirdgirl

Ugh! You have just described one of my nightmares! (I mean the choking, not the going to Applebees part.) Keen keeps trying to pretend that going to restaurants with the kid is "not so bad". I keep pretending that I'm not going to kill him.

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