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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

You hit a couple of my very favorite bands on this list. I could talk about how great Alice in Chains is all day long.

I'm going to have to check out the Semisonic.

Mr. Big Dubya

Mmmmm - ska - my affinity fo rthis type of music will become painfully clear in the coming rounds - both 2nd and 3rd waves

I've always preferred Alice in Chains and STP over Nirvana and Pearl Jam - Soundgarden was different for me - I love me some Badmotorfinger, but later stuff was too overproduced and commercial for me

Paul's Boutique - I'll tell my story when I get to them - cuz I'm a high plains drifter


Mo and I were at a small pub in Bandon, or some other small town on the PCH, in the winter of 1990. There was a duo (husband and wife, I presume) performing some easy listening type stuff and I think they performed 'Into the Mystic' or 'Moondance' or something else from this album. The highlight of the song was the guy busting out some labial fricative-trumpet-approximation solo which resembled that cold ceramic echo pre-shit toot as much as it did a trumpet. Undaunted, we finished our dinner. We were younger then, stronger then...


I've got Graceland on my list and the same favorite song. I, too, remember the video. I've also got Van the Man. Sweet.


Rod Stewart, really? I love the Paul Simon, Graceland one too. And the Beastie Boys.


And, when I get my 'Beer with Crouton Boy' better than BlogHer brush with blog greatness moment... Into the mystic better be playing at the pub. (but not those dorks from Oregon)


First, another great set of choices. Particularly GnR. You hung out at the 9:30? Very cool.


Love Paul Simon! My husband and I just saw him last month at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Awesome- after all these years.
Trip Shakespeare used to play at one of "our" bars when I was in college- ah, the memories.

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