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Okay, two things. #1: Can you send me a copy of "Time Out?" I've been looking for it but it's suprisingly hard to find. #2: You should check out "Ellington at Newport." I know you like jazz, and if you haven't heard this one you've gotta. Classic. Oh, and Dylan sucks.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

"London Calling" is a great choice. It is in our cd player right now.

Clampdown is my favorite track too.

I'm not familiar with Gang of Four OR Soul Coughing.


Oh man, I BOW to you...Queen Geek that I am, I have my list on Excel and I keep playing with it. I think I'm going to list my top 10 by pulling the names of the albums out of a hat. Well played w/ the Dead, Dylan, Brubeck, Bowie, and the Clash. all in my top 20.
My favorite Phish shows (yes, that's what I said) always ended with a Highway to Hell cover. They always played it with such joy and enthusiasm the place exploded. Bon Scott, no question.


Somehow, I had a feeling 'London Calling' was going to be your #1. Mainly because you (I think) have mentioned in the past that it is your favorite album.

The others are good too (except AC/DC... never really liked them...)


Bravo. I was somewhat disappointed that Europe's "The Final Countadown" didn't make the Top 10. And an aside to Kara - wordy word, girl. One of the many Phish shows I saw (UCLA, the year is a bit fuzzy, '98, I think) was capped with "Highway". They did right by it.


Good call on Soul Coughing. Loved that album.


I honestly think our lists, while having some overlap, would be very different. But I respect your choices. There's some excellent stuff in this section!!


OK, can SOMEONE send me Phish's version of Highway to Hell? I'm guessing--and this is just speculation here--that someone might have a bootleg of a Phish concert.


Nice list. Must run.

What about your least favourite albums? Is Tubular Bells on it yet?


I can't BELIEVE that I don't have internet access while you are getting down to your 10 favorite albums. Somehow, I just KNEW London Calling would be in your top 10. And I LOVE that Soul Coughing Album. I just listened to it on my I-pod.

That list was good stuff.


I don't have the energy to do what you did, especially with a 10 montth-er at home but, your top ten are very, very close to mine. I actually have a 1977 Dead bootleg that beats out EU72 for me, but love the Dylan, both Stones and Gang of Four LPs as well. London Calling ties with Quadrophenia for me at #1. Nice work.

the weirdgirl

You know (I meant to mention this earlier) your list and my husband's are right up the same alley.


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