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Oh dear god. Be glad you're going through the loss of the beloved puppy now. In another year, if it happens, the earth will crack open and swallow you as a result of Cheeky's horrified and tortured screams.


Gone missing sounds too much like "Gone Fishing" and really, who says THAT anymore?
We had to do an internet search and online purchase to replace a lost, favorite doll we stupidly left in South Bend, Indiana once. It was worth it.


We have a series of cloned Barry the Cross-dressing Bear-Rabbits in the bunker under the house, amidst the canned goods, radiation clothing, et al. For when we've 'gone nuclear'.


Dude...Zitomers sells stuffed animals? Who knew? I guess it's official. The place sells absolutely everything. I'm mute with awe.


I was going to say what Kristen said. When she's two, make sure to duct tape whichever one is her favorite to her arm, then it will never get lost. Because at two, puppy would not be replaceable.


Scary! We have so far avoided the loss of Mr. Bear, but that success involved at one point landisdad searching through a trashcan at daycare.

Mrs. Chicky

That's the most tragic story I've ever heard. You lost Puppy? Gah! I'm glad you found another replacement.

Now I'm off to find a replacement for my kids lovey (also a dog). Just in case.

Another Arwen

We have Funny Bunny, also one of the TY stuffed animals - he used to be peach colored (now greyish peach) and he is irreplaceable. We saw another Funny in a store one day and gave it to her. She held it, rubbed it, sniffed and then threw it and screamed, it was terrifying. Fortunately we have never lost the OFB (original funny bunny). Here is a picture of him:

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I just bought two of their bears. So far it has saved me.

Plus, I can wash them now and The Squad will still sleep.


After all this you only bought one replacement puppy? Have you learned nothing? (Easy for me to say, my gal seems unattached to any doll or toy, though she will hug and kiss them all when in the mood.)


NL is right!

And, I am relieved. God you guys were getting so damn perfect at parenting... and I'm Juniper perfect... I almost had to dump reading this otherwise excellent blog. So now I have this and the ketchup thing. phew and a half!


that should have read "and I mean Juniper perfect.." you know catty just doesn't come naturally to me


juniper perfect. hahaha. hey, is that a slam or props? either way, i laughed.

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