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Yeah, with three at home, leaving can be a relief. Working is easier if you ask me.


I hear ya on the meltdowns. I wish I could blame it on the weather. But I think, in our case, it's the whole "I'm 2 years old and I don't know what to do about it!" syndrome. Times two. My relief pitcher came home early from work (yay!) so I'm drinking already (yay!).


You're welcome. Why do you think I kept working? (Besides the fact we wanted to eat.) Poor Gramma..... Aw, she loved it.


The fact that you feel the tiniest stab of guilt upon leaving your girls shows that they are lucky, indeed.


I'm the one who leaves and heaves a sigh of relief on the weekdays, and I can relate. The older they get (through the toddler years), the more you'll experience this - but there are easier stages, just like with everything else.

Phat Daddy

I get that guilty feeling too. Monkeyboy is enough to drive one to fits of madness. Add another child into the equation and you have full blown chaos. Me, I go to work and sometimes have nothing to do. Doesn't seem fair does it?


I'm half catholic and half presbatyrian ... try putin' the protestant work ethic on top of all that splendid catholic guilt... fun fun. -- maybe you already have...

Let's just say I hear ya! from matyr-town. HELP, they've got me surrounded!


Actually, it's only a little Catholic guilt. It's really Italian mother guilt, and your siblings will attest to that. Smile.........

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