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This affliction comes and goes for me. When it happens it goes for a couple of days and then I am better.
In the mist of it I warn people to watch out because "I have a case of The Drops"

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Like Clifford Franklin?



And even with all this, you give me grief about my track record with cell phones. Funny, funny post. I got nothin' if I knew what your little problem is, or had any idea how to fix it, I'd get to work on myself right away.


Hmm, whenever this happens to me, it means I'm about to get my period. That explanation probably doesn't work for you, though.


This sounds like a cry for a bidet.


Dear Edwin Ducttapehands

You do not suffer alone. It's the 'puters fault. Like you I say devil may care!


Good lord, you've had me cracking up this morning. And your "laceration" links always remind me not to eat while reading your site.

Oh, and I can relate to your clumsiness problem - like you, I'm either concentrating unnaturally hard or tripping /dropping something. I've chalked it up to having kids.


2 words. Carpal tunnel. The exact reason I do not have any breakable dishware in my home. That and kids of course.

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