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creative-type dad (tony)

I can tell you one thing, I'm not feeding my kid lasagna anytime soon...


Well, I guess I can find something else for dinner.


Mate, that demonic possession thing is apparently going around...perhaps Cerebus left the gates of hell open or something...


I LOVE IT!!!! You don't know how many times we cleaned you up from this. Actually, once it was IN the tub. Aren't you pleased that your daughter is a lot like you? Ha, ha, ha.... I know that isn't very nice, but God is good and he gives payback. Get some baking powder and put it in her diaper bag for when this happens away from home. Love :)


Oops! I mean baking soda.


Ah, the random, fit-induced vomit sessions. Sweet memories...


Dude. She is so totally the boss of you.


EWwwwww I don't think we'll be eating lasagna anytime soon. Although Maya only did that once and we've so far been lucky with Nata. The thing that kills me about toddlers is they never freaking know what they want. Well I guess yours does, she wants Elmo. May the force be with you.

Chocolate Makes It Better

Man, how slack am I?

You've probably had that new banner up for ages and it just goes to show, I haven't come over to your place for a while!

Bathtime fun. At least she didn't do the ol' brown cloud.

Wendy Boucher

Ewww. Remind me why it is I ever read blogs by parents with toddlers. Oh yeah, because I used to have one and now she's a big ole non-vomiting seven year old and I can feel smug. Thanks!


My only real question is, are you actually listening to the Scissor Sisters?
Because I thought I was the only one listening to them......
Oh and sorry about the puke.
Puke sucks it.


Nothing like a little puke to put the parent at Defcon 1. Our son doesn't puke often but I always feel so sorry for him. Be glad she didn't poop in your hands like Daniel did with wife last week. Potty training is great.....


the weirdgirl

Oh, I've been there! You think you're letting them "cry it out" until they puke all over you. Fun.

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