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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

1) Same Susan. Different Gordon.

2) I'm still glad that it wasn't a picture of a hand up someone's ass, but I clicked anyway.

Mr. Big Dubya

I got the first season of the Muppet Show on DVD essentially thinking that I would love to be able to share it with Little Dub - however, deep in the dark recesses of my mind, I know that I wanted it for me because deep down, I'm still that 10-year-old little kid saying Bork, bork, bork and doing my best Beeker impersonation.

Mom at Work

I agree. Ernie is an awful roomie. I really don't like him and think we should petition Big Bird just to leave him hiding rather completing his next (cue menacing voice) "Journey to Ernie."

Big Daddy Rob

This sounds awfully close to Ernie bashing... As a Sesame St. child, I have always thought Ernie was the cooler of the two. Bert always seemed like something of a fussbudget. And let's not forget the "evil bert" innuendos - http://www.bertisevil.tv/

Truly we should be discussing the merits of Grover in his groundbreaking work - "Monster at the End of this Book." I love that book. I've already started reading it to the twins, in vitro.

I love the Street! ~r


It was a sad day when I brought home the Mupput Show dvd and my daughter was COMPLETELY uninterested. I tried telling her that Elmo was related to the Muppets, but she would have none of it. So my husband and I watch it. Along with our Schoolhouse Rocks.


mennamena, do do do do, mennamena, do do do do, mennamena, do do do do do do do do do do do. (I love the muppets).
And the sleestack are so scary.
And Ghibli, well, I love that someone in the world understands that kids can follow complex plots that parents can enjoy too.


Really great and funny post. I think about this stuff too. And I was always Bert-oriented. He always seemed like the sensitive and intelligent one.


I like the grumpy old men in the balcolny.


Kiddo is a Muppet Show addict. I'd get her help, but I find her addiction endearingly entertaining.


It's the eyebrows that make him look mean. Plus he never had a funny laugh like Ernie.


Oh, and I think Bert's the roommate who goes to biofeedback therapy and wears a rubberband on his arm so he can snap his wrist.

creative-type dad (tony)

I think my roomate in college was Ernie.

I always liked Berts unibrow. Whenever I see somebody with one I call them Bert (not to their face though)


I always thought Bert was kind of a drag. Ernie was definitely the one you'd want to go have a beer with. You know Bert would be the type to quibble over the check and be a lousy tipper and be the one at the table to get the dirty glass and make everyone else uncomfortable.


Not only did Paul guest star on a few Muppet episodes, he also wrote the music for a number of their movies. http://paulwilliamsconnection.org



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