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Mr. Big Dubya

Ok - I think I'm supposed to offer advice here given your new situation. This is what others told me, so here goes:

You'll never sit down again.

Wait until she starts climbing.

Wait until the running starts.

Wait until she starts stacking things to climb and then to reach.

Ok - that's enough. Good luck. Keep a bottle of Scotch handy.


Ibid what Big Dubs said. Walking is great but when the non-stop running/climbing/jumping begin, you'll wish she crawled until the age of 4. That being said, baby's first steps are a great milestone. Congrats to the Cheeky family!


My older daughter didn't walk until 15 months, was always careful and cautious.
My younger daughter started RUNNING at 10 months. She never really walked much. Instead, she climbs and leaps and has no fear. SHe is also covered in bruises. Sigh.



I say three more months until she can bring you a beer. The hard part is teaching them to open it for you.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

The problem with teaching them how to get you a beer is that now they (or Ian in my case) can open up the fridge whenever he damn well pleases.

Which is a lot.

I don't even want to see our next power bill.


Yaeh Cheeky! Give daddy hell :)


The laundry thing was one of the big reasons I was excited for my gal to walk. With the rains returning to the northwest, it is nice not to worry that all pants will be mud coated.

Ada has moved on to climbing up on chairs, couches, beds...so you have something to look forward to.

Wendy Boucher

What an awesome achievement. Go Cheeky! Help yourself to the juice while you're getting Dad a beer.


Now the fun begins. The time between one and two years is great. My third is there now and it is a trip. No pun intended.


Oh boy. Your life just got a lot more interesting, let me tell you. The climbing. It's coming.

Hygiene Dad

That's awesome. Congrats. Now just teach her how to come back after she goes down the street.


Ramp up the Cheek, baby girl! Hooray for upward mobility. And, beer retrieval? Maybe 4 mos. on. Expect pedicure skills around age 30 months. I can 't wait for that one.

These are not Montessori estimates.

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