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what an adorable baby!


Highbrow is overrated. And according to your lovely chart you fit in with some good company. Besides, nobody likes a stuffy-poop-head.


Dem big words are too hard for me to follow but I like Neal Stephenson. I am reading a new one you would like called Hammerjack. It's in paperback now, try it.
Skip puppets barfing check out the gay muppet porn here:
Do not let Cheeky see this. Maybe don't even open it at work. Really.


Don't let it get you down. Farting IS funny. Lowbrow is the new black, dude.

Oh, The Joys

I think farts are really funny, which is lucky since I am the reigning wind champion of the universe.

Also, have you seen two of my favorite "refined" films? Pootie Tang and Unvercover Brother? My taste is so tip top.

How About Two?

This my fear about having girls. The minute they discover your less than couth habits, they begin to patronize you.

"Of course I love you and think you're the best. It is just, I don't know, this group may not be 'right' for you," the 5 y.o. daughter says with a touch of sorrow.

"Yeah well, if you want to go to the birthday party, I have to take you." Says I.

"Fine, but park around the corner and stay in the car," she acquiesces. "If anyone asks, pretend to be the chauffeur."


You do realize that now that I know you can stick your tongue up your nose, the next time we get beers together, I'm going to make you do that all night. Hilarious post, you low-brow mofo!


If you lived on the West Coast, you would be just fine. People should appreciate the fact that you bring a whole new culture into their lives, and a much more relaxed one as well. They wouldn't criticize if you were Australian or Some other distant culture. (Although I want it clear that you didn't learn the farting from me. You picked that up on the outside.)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I like the burping duet.

I mean - not really, but I'm still glad I saw it.


I'm with you except for the part where you use Louis Black to suggest "funny." I mean, didn't you see that great NYer article about how people who like Louis Black are so...oh never mind.

the weirdgirl

Hey, there was that Sandman/Midsummer's Night Dream issue. That IS refined!


Just found you through Turn Into Stone - hilarious - much catching up to do...


I avoided the burping links, but not because I'm high-brow. I just ate a huge lunch and I'm not sure I could handle it.



Nate and I first connected over the notion that farts are funny. Probably because, well...I farted. Mortified, he responded, "dont' worry! Farts are funny!" Which opened the (ahem) door for many more similar incidents.

Meanwhile, you had dinner about five blocks from my apartment. Next time, bring me back some baklava from Sahadi's on your way home. I'm pregnant, dammit! I deserve that much.


Oh dear lord we have that scorpians album around here somewhere...it was a joke someone played on my husband when he worked in radio, but still. The fact that he won't toss it scares me sometimes.

My biggest wish on my Xmas list is one of those remote controlled fart machines to torment my coworkers.


I was subbing once at a high school and the kids were all working quietly when someone farted- and the entire class burst out laughing. My Inner Priss reared her ugly head and chastised them for being "sooo immature". This kid from the back said really quiet, "But, that's ALWAYS gonna be funny."
And he's right. It is, was and ever shall be.

Free Shaved Milf

hmm... strange ))

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