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(1) You dropped Lundy too early. He's turning into a solid #2 RB.

(2) How is it possible that I was a 20 point favorite over Sarah and ended up getting whupped? I'm the best 3-4 team in league history!

(3) Queenie is like the '72 Dolphins. Not only has she been winning every week, she's been beating them like red-headed stepchildren.

See you in the playoffs, bitch!


This post, when read in conjunction with the one immediately before it, suggests you may not be a 'postal' but may be considered... well, let's be charitable and go no further. The truth is I am bitter that I am not included in any pool in spite of your kind efforts to involve me. I was afraid to admit my only NFL pool experience has been rather limited and is, in itself, rather sad.

I played in a pool for 5 seasons or so. My dad and I devised a 'system'. It involved maps. In each contest I took whichever team was based in the city located east of the other. He took the westernmost teams. It is a sad comment on our competitiors that we ended up in the money as often as we did.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

That's right, Metro Dad.

Don't call it a come back. SATGS is the sleeper team, the Cinderella Story, the dark horse of the season.

Nobody even sees me coming.


Sarah we've all seen you come...oh wait...Sarah you need to not sneak around like that!


Can someone please explain to me WHAT fantasy football is?

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