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I am a little scared. Strangly though, I watched the entire thing.

Oh, The Joys

India is so awesome. It's the only country I've ever seen truly RESIST being "Westernized" - they just take our entertainment and make it Indian. This video is terrible, but let's be clear... it was terrible the first time too! Awesome link!


Like a train wreck - lol - couldn't look away but horrified the whole time


So glad you weren't selfish and shared this little treasure with the rest of us. I think I like this better than the original.. Then again, I LOVE Bollywood movies.

A Different Arwen

I work with a guy who looks just like the indian MJ, after he becomes a zombie, not before. I bet he would dress like that outside of work, too.


That is some Good Dancing! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Dammit Tony!

That is the second time in two weeks you have posted something from you tube that I had queued up to post tomorrow.

Son of a...

Is Gabe sending you these too?


I am so embarrassed for my people. What more can I say?

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