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LMAO, postals. I was going to go with unique or maybe weird, but sure, postal. Although it brings to mine those loons that shoot up the post office and that is deffinetly not you. But I guarentee you that you are not alone.

crunchy carpets

We run the gammut here...we call each other and our circle of friends...NEEEERRRRD, GEEEEEK, LOOOOOOSER...

We are all heavily into Battlestar...dh just made me watch the Transformer movie and a friend of ours did a skit wth cardboard robot costumes in a Fringe show.

hubby has a Space 1999 Eagle sitting ontop of his monitor.

I don't think there is one term that fits us all either..my dh couldn't figure out his computer if he had to, yet makes a living on one.

Go figure.


I'm changed. I'll never self-label as "geek" again.


Curses! Here my whole life I've been labled as a "band geek," when in all actuallity I was a "dork." That sucks! My self identity is ruined, I tell you....RUINED!! All for the better, though. I like the "dork" definition much more than the "geek" one. Except I don't have any Lord of the Rings characters on my desk. I only have X-Men, Star Trek, and Monty Python. Do they count?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Not me. I'm totally cool.

Except I knew all the words to the "Revenge of the Nerds" song.

Stephanie (Hud)

I like it. Postals. But, am I a total dork if I point out it should technically be postwals? ;-)


Very creative, thanks for the clarification. I love any way to place "I'm going postal" into day-to-day conversations anyway, so this is perfect.

the weirdgirl

Postals... I like it! That explanation works much better for the times I pull a comic book from my Marc Jacobs bag, drinking tea among the coffee-guzzling laptop-typers at Starbucks. Suddenly I don't feel so alone.

(OK, I don't really have a Marc Jacobs bag. But I want one.)

I TOTALLY need the hardbound Sandman!

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