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Lutefisk. Yum.


Yeah. The upside to living in a major metro: you have jet blue. I have ASA (America's Sorriest Airline), USSCARE, NWA (I keep thinking of the muppets doing F* the police) and Continental.
They all suck ass.
And people wonder why I don't mind driving 4 hours to Atlanta.
Even upgrades on Delta (ASA's parent company) suckass.

How About Two?

To quote Bobby Hill, "Dad, I ate all the lutefisk!"

White fish and lye - two great tastes that taste great together.

Chocolate Makes It Better

Man I feel for you. I have done a few interstate trips last week myself!!

I love it when the plane lands and EVERYBODY thinks they can get off quicker if they stand up first and get their bags.

No order. No lines, just free for all grabbing and shuffling that takes twice as long.

Ahhhhhh.......the joys of flying.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

My prison bitch name is Nappy Hole. Just in case you were wondering.


Sometimes I think I miss my days traipsing across the country for "The Man." But then I hear stories about stupid airlines, I suddenly don't miss it anymore.


Notwithstanding your tales of airborn woe, complete with cattlecalls (this way to the rotating knives), I envy your cosmopolitan high-flying lifestyle. I think I travelled to Port Coquitlam for work purposes once this year. In a compact car. (of course, I did not require the high-security and freshness-preserving baggies to which you have referred. Pity.)

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