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Nice Boat.


Hahaha. Da Vinci Code does suck. It should be called Da Vinci's Hoover. I can never get back that time I lost reading it and worst of all - I have no-one to blame but me.


Glad to help ya out there mi amigo... after all, what are blogmigos for if not spreading the disease that is a meme?


Well played.

zygote daddy

You know, I figure I ought to be immune cuz I already caught this one a while back...it works that way, doesn't it...?


Plain Jane Mom

Komodo dragons lay eggs? EW! That's just one more terrifying thing about them I didn't need to know...


One book that made me think "I can't believe people do THAT in the same funeral home that Rose Kennedy was 'shown' in!" is the odd, quirky and hilarious, 100 true Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs, also author of Running With Scissors.


I always wondered if anyone ever actually read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanence"-I tried. And tried. And yawned.

Mmmmm komodo dragons...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I thought long and hard about picking The Bible for that question too.

It just seemed like I was picking a fight, but I honestly couldn't come up with another book that has caused nearly as many deaths.


Oops, I should've read this post to it's conclusion the first time.

So I've been tagged.

I see.

Word. My list of Books I've Been Meaning to Read may dominate the post. We shall see.

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