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The 'worst player ever' clip had me laughing outloud. What a great way to start the day. Thanks.


Right on, thanks for posting this. Bob was also a staple in my childhood. Do you remember the year when he said screw it to hair dyes, and just went from evenly dark hair to a shock of white?


There continuing the show? Naw. No way it could go on with Bob. He's a legend.


The amazing thing about that last video - minus the hair color Bob looks pretty much exactly the same as he always has.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Wow. I wasn't even alive yet when this was filmed, but it is nice to see that they never changed the music.

Mrs. Chicky

I'll miss that man. Now how am I going to figure out how much a box of Rice A Roni costs?


Man that is sad. That was my favorite show to watch when I was home sick. Although I always wondered how at 9 years old I knew more than some of the idiots they choose.


Me too, Melissa!

And as much as I adore Bob Barker for all he's done for animals, the man really is a lecherous old dude!


I don't know if I'll watch it without him.

Gawd, remember how COOL Plinko was when they introduced it? My brother and I used to actually get exicted to see it.

Ok, I just realized how lame I am.


I watched that show even more than I watched the Brady Bunch -- hard to believe. Great links, I'd forgotten about the cliffhanger guy.

L.A. Daddy

I used to love that show. Of course, I was so confused by some of the prices of stuff on that show... It always seemed like they were so high. Of course, not as high as the prices on Wheel of Fortune -- back when they would make them buy prizes -- to keep them from walking away with too much loot. Oy.

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