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Tony your computer has more unsafe internet sex then any other computer I know. I've tried to explain this to mom but she likes her sweepstakes. Oh well.

Tell that slutty computer of yours to quit downloading mp3s.

How About Two?

I paid about that for a 486 in the early '90s (back when PCs were still called IBM clones).

Funny stuff.

the weirdgirl

Oh dude, that SUCKS! My sympathies. (No, seriously, MY SYMPATHIES!! I know the pain.)

And I love the new look! I don't think the banner is too big at all.


Once you try Mac, you'll never go back.


Hey, now I can see the new banner. I couldn't before. What's the deal with Quakers? Do you mean Shakers? Shakers were pacifists like the Quakers but pretty much doomed themselves to extinction because they were also anti-sex. But I don't remember if they eschewed technology. The Mennonites are like the Amish, only they allow technology. And I don't really understand the explanation for this but the only place I ever see Mennonites is Disney World and airports.

oh, and, good luck with your computer.


"Monitor and mouse not included." Awesome!

Mitch McDad

Does that come in a laptop? Also, does it have pong?

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