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City living. Nice, warm, fuzzy feelings to start the day with.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

My one car garage suddenly seem spacious.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah



That's probably the ONLY thing I miss about city living. No, that's a lie. I even miss that.

The suburbs make me want to cry.


I hate parking. I feel so on the spot. All the better drivers secretely laughing at me back in, and out, and in, and out, and then hit the curb, and then...

Screw it. I'll park somewhere else.


Wow--I am glad I don't have to fight anyone over parking. My friends in Pittsburgh still deal with it--it would make me utterly bat-shit.

How About Two?

Alternate side parking rules?! Is it once a week or everyday?

Granted, the guy in the blue sedan is gi-normous prick, but I think the root of it all is the city and their money-grubbing ways.

If the city could live within their budget, they wouldn't need to make stupid alternate-side of the street, every other Thursday, but only if the sun the is shining on the sidewalk, rules so they can tag every other citizen for $40.

I hate petty government fines.

cry it out!

Lordy, the same thing JUST happened to me -- and I was thinking the exact. same. things. Great freaking job!

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