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How could you put that video of Celine up? You're not human. You're sadistic. I think my ear is bleeding...


I'm envious! Sounds like a great time. I am sure you never expected that you would actually meet people when you started your blog. I know I didn't, but I have ended up meeting three really cool PEOPLE I never would have met otherwise.


Aquaman sitting around the hall of justice.

Great Line.


Jealous. And aquaman wasn't nearly as bad as the wonder twins.


Holy shit! I don't want to just gouge out my eyes after seeing that video. I want to light myself on fire and burn in hell. The only way that video could be worse is if Dane Cook was singing backup!

Screw that Aquaman crap, dude. You're one of the funniest people I know. I love grabbing pints/vodka/scotch with you. Let's do it again soon...IN VEGAS!


These NYC blorgies should happen more often.

And yes: Vegas, baby. Vegas.


The pleasure was all mine...ours. And seriously, our buildings touch. I can't get over that. If Thalia screams loud enough I bet you can hear her.

Hey wait, I'm going to pinch her right now. Tell me what you hear...

the weirdgirl

Damn, I'm jealous.

Wondertwins... ACTIVATE! Crap, now that's gonna be in my head all day.

How About Two?

I hate Celine Dingdong. I had to listen to two AC/DC albums and three tracks on the Hayseed Dixie tribute album before I could get her skinny-air-guitar-playing ass out of my head.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I'm so glad I didn't fall for the Celine link twice.

(Very jealous of the meeting. I've got to come up to New York soon.)

Phat Daddy

Man, what am I chopped liver?


I'll meet you guys in Vegas. That's about half-way right? We can go see Celine!

The Wonder Twins were just there to set up Gleek. That space-monkey could work a room!


Sorry I couldn't make it but since I hve an 8- hour flight I will need at least 10 hours advance notice....

I had planned to work in NYC for a week or two in February but will probably hang out in Mexico for a month instead. I was hoping to hook up with you, MD and some other people like last year but it will have to wait until later this year

Best of luck 2007



I so share your perspective on why I blog. And I think I would probably feel like Aquaman as well.

So jealous of your blorgy!! Need to find me some game DC metro bloggers.


Hey I LIKE Aquaman. And, wasn't he the only one with hair anyway? So I like Aquaman and CB too.. makes sense. Have a nice day. TGIF!!!

ps... MD did drink a single malt right? I mean the idea of him with a more plebian beverage has my concept of reality a tad shaken. But I suppose it wouldn't be 2007 if reality wasn't in question.


V. jealous of the blorgy. And really, you shouldn't be so self-depricating. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and I think it's great to write just for the sake of writing. We read for that purpose and we talk for that purpose. Why not write?
Love the Aquaman reference and Celine sucks ass. I'm sorry for all of her infertility woes, but I just can't listen to her sing a single note. At least, not without wanting to stab myself in the hand with a grapefruit spoon. And yes, they have grapefruit spoons in Iowa.


can't wait to click the links to see what all the fuss is about. just wanted to express my surprise that one room could hold so mush cool and not burst into flames.


I'm with Kara, in disbelief that all of you were in one place at one time. Awesome.

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