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Nice list. I'll be downloading a few of them.

I tagged Mr.Big Dubya also, but apparently he's too busy working or something lame like that to put up his songs.

BTW, the "h" is the only letter I pronounce, the rest of the letters are silent.


Uh, thanks. It will take me a while to respond appropriately. I have to start listening to 7 good songs and, more importantly, figure out how to put them on-screen. Perhaps with tape.


Totally agree re: U2. The old stuff is amazing (and the B side of The Joshua Tree). Huh! Can you believe are kids will have no concept of a B side?!

Surprised Dazed and Confused wasn't on your top 12 list of movies to quote. There are some lovely nuggets in there.

Your music choices make me feel completely unhip. I've been tagged for this meme three times. As soon as I post everyone will know what a REAL dork I am.

Mr. Big Dubya

I am not too damn busy - I've had a weekend from Hell (or Cleveland depending on your poison). You'll be able to read all about it tomorrow, but, in the meantime, I'll get my seven together. Fair warning: they're all theme songs to shows on the Disney channel. So, I am not to blame for any earworms.

You want the worst, you got the worst. The laziest blogger in the world! DUBS!

Isn't this KISS reference day?

L.A. Daddy

Good list, indeed. Man, there just aren't enough hours in the day. So much great stuff to check out and catch up on.

Yeah, coming up with something every day that doesn't involve cleaning out the lint catcher on my dryer or an in depth analysis of my poop colors can be a real bitch. But I'm slowly getting the hang of this whole blogging thing.


shit... shit.. shit.. shiver... I saw music meme and suddenly my mouth went dry, agape..


SEe, like I told you! You spend all this time uploading links and mp3s and what not. That's plenty of work!

If you're looking for inspiration, I'd say first step is only post when you have something to say. Works for me.


You are too hard on yourself. It makes sense that there will be times when you won't have much to say. It's OK. Your blog always make me laugh.

BTW--I had forgotten how much I LOVE the Three Sunrises. That was great.

Mr. Big Dubya

Tonight! I'll do your damn list tonight! Stop nagging me. I'll do the damn meme. And tell Whit (pronounced Hh) to stop calling me.

What? That's not you? Oh, my. The voices in my head are getting really bad as of late.


Don't sweat it, dude. Most blogs don't have much to say. We just like hearing from the people that we like.

That Scorpions song was for Dubs, wasn't it?

Chocolate Makes It Better

Mate you're by far the best user of link love that I have seen on the net. The links in all your posts kick arse.

I try linking to funny shit that is relevant to what I'm saying, but that's a lot of work and I'm a lazy bastard!


seven days later... ok, eight, and seven songs are listed. no fancy linkage, mind you.

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