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Mr. Big Dubya

Dude - you can always come up our way. 90 minutes from the city (give or take). And, actual lawns and real trees and clean air.


I live in the burbs and I don't have any friends either. I think it is my caustic whit that sent them all packing. Or the fact that I am in bed by 9:30pm every night.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I live in the suburbs - not the New York suburbs, but it's not so bad.

I think my neighbors are moving soon if you guys are interested. We have beer.


I wouldn't want to "disappoint" you, but closer doesn't necessarily mean we'd be around that often. We do have other interests (boring though they may appear), but you would have another baby-sitter at least within a few hours drive or fly. We might even get to see you on a holiday.


What did Peter call me?


Same thing happened to me in DC.

Damn best friend moved to NYC. Of course, she's already made the leap to the NJ suburbs for the kids and all.


He he he...smooth.


Caustic. No offense meant, lord knows I can't afford to piss off another person. Well maybe I can.

Oh, The Joys

I'll be in New York tonight... but I suppose long distance friends aren't going to solve your problem.


Man.....I think mom just burned you. If you think about it, you actually live about as far away from us as you can get and still be in the country.

At least if you move closer you won't be in udder shock everytime you see us and realize that we aren't in High School anymore.....LOL ;)

L.A. Daddy

We've lost quite a few of our peeps over the years. It's tough. Some we only get to see when we travel back to Ohio. One does manage to get back out here every once in a while, so that's nice.

What I find amazing is that more out-of-town friends have not come to visit us over the years. It's not like we live at the South Pole...


I really do understand how you feel, although my husband and I are always the ones moving. This making new friends crap really sucks and the only people we have met here (our neighbors) are actually stalking us. We are praying the husband gets a job he interviewed for in DC or we are screwed.

While I love that we can afford a halfway decent house here in Bthlehem, I do have to say I miss New Jersey. And Cincinnati. And Pittsburgh. Sigh.


TW, Dog... believe me dude, we're not leaving NYC so much as grabbing the brass ring and the keys to the kingdom. At least it's SF and not, well, Dubuque Iowa. Or, NJ. Trust me, we would both have loved to stay in NYC forever, I mean it is really our home. But, we just think of this as the big go-make-some-cash-and stockpile-for-the-Villa adventure. And, we're holding onto the pad here so that's not total abandonment, right? sniff, sniff.


That Triumph video is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I have to send it to my assistant who- no lie- has a "Mrs. Bon Jovi" keychain.

Boston is a lovely place to live and raise a family. Rumor has it that Oodgie has family not too far from us ;)


Oh, snap! Marc totally burned you! I can smell the smoke from here!


To my beloved family,

If that constitutes a "burn" when why do I feel no heat? Did the phrase "Oh, snap!" just make it to that part of the country? How about the Spice Girls...have they made it out your way yet?

And I'm looking forward to expressing cow-nipple shock next time I see you, WCB2. I wonder what that will feel like...


I don't know if we're counted among this group but at this rate our apartment will never sell and we'll never move. If that's any consolation.

Phat Daddy

Well dude if you ever have the time to get together we'd be happy to do so.

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