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Water is mine. I can come home after a night of debauchery and as long as I have about 5 or 28 glasses of water, I'm fine.

But I will definately try the bitters & club soda one next time.

creative-type dad

Pedialyte - nasty stuff. Unless it's mixed with Red Bull, then it's OK.


Huge block of cheddar and 3 pints of water.

Works like a charm.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I don't know why but KFC works for me.

Next time I trying Pedialyte. My kids won't drink it, I have it on hand and it has WAY less calories.


My preventative measure is this:

Just before bedtime, I take two aspirin with as much water as I can handle. Usually about three or four glasses. Go to bed. At 4 or 5 am, when I have to go to the bathroom because of all the water, take two more aspirin and another glass or two of water. By the time I wake up at 6 or 7 am, all I need is an Egg McMuffin and I'm golden.

But I'll remember the bitters and club soda in case the Egg McMuffin doesn't do the trick.


I have never puked from drinking. Ever (and now that I've published this tidbit on line I'm due). Hangover vomit? I'm your queen.

I'm a fan of Gatorade. I like the bitters and soda, but that's my late in the day cure. Gatorade has the fluid/salt/sugar/electrolyte mix that puts back all the stuff that you eliminate on the binge. Also, I can't stand the sight/smell of eggs when I'm well-rested so the omlette/ EggMcMuffin cure that some swear by is not on my list. Yogurt. Lots and lots of vanilla yogurt- soothes the stomach, feels good going down. Most importantly, it usually STAYS down.

Love love LOVE Key West! Have a great time and don't get pecked by those freaky free- range roosters/chickeny-things.

L.A. Daddy

Water. No coffee. More water. Some comfort food before you go to bed to soak it all up. Even more water.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Have fun in Key West. Say hello to Mr. Buffett for me!

Jimmy. Not Warren.

the weirdgirl

I don't want to make anyone throw up just for mentioning this but... chili works for me. Love chili the day after drinking. Something about all the protein, and I think the spices help settle the stomach. I don't get those hangover migraines but I do get the queasy stomach but chili does the trick.

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