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Very cool! I definitely would have voted for Bill a third time had it been allowed. I'm not sure if Hillary would be a great prez, but I have no doubt that Bill would make a great first husband.

mr. big dubya

In a word - feh

But I still love ya like a brother


I'm hoping you're kidding about the carpetbagger comment. If you ran for office in New York State, would you think it was appropriate for people to call you a carpetbagger? Or I suppose you would think it only appropriate if you ran in your home state?

Smart people are smart people, no matter where they live, or where they grew up, and I'll take Hillary making decisions on my behalf over a intellectual lightweight who happens to have lived in New York State a few years longer.

Dislike Hillary for other reasons, sure, her cankles being one of them. But nitpicking because she's representing a state she didn't grow up in or spend the majority of her life in? You're better than that.


I heart him big time! He really does command a room. You can't keep your eyes off of him.

I'm afraid it will be a long time before we have another like him.

Mrs. Chicky

I have been and always will be a Clinton fan. And I'm damn proud of that.


Soooooooo jealous over here.... so, so jealous... Clinton was da man! Like you I would have voted for him thrice if I could have.

But Hillary is just as good (he said with tongue firmly in cheek)

Oh... "and I can't believe we need laws to prevent ourselves from doing something stupid..isn't that what the brain is for?"

Amen brother... Amen!


Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful Father's Day!!


I would have voted for Clinton as well. As it was I voted for Gore, you know, the winner.

Hillary? Eh.

Happy Father's Day and all that shiznit.

Kara at Capebuffalo

I'm with you on the carpetbagger. I was at an event where Madeline Albright entered, sholders back, chin curving elegantly toward the ceiling and thought "holy shit, that woman has presence." Then Clinton entered the room and it was like she was never even there.

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