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There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so


Couldn't agree more... Branagh is one of THE best filmmakers out there (especially when it comes to Shakespeare) and his Hamlet was a masterpiece... so much better than Franco Zeffirelli's attempt with Mel Gibson.

He also did a version of "Love's Labour's Lost" back in 2000 and, despite having Alicia Silverstone, it was pretty good as well.

And we can't forget his Othello.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."


If you haven't already, pick up Ian McKellan's Richard III. Simply awesome.


Oh man, I couldn't agree more. Probably the longest movie I ever just sat through without getting up. I loved his Othello as well.


I cannot embrace Shakespeare. Too many forcefed lessons. Too many footnotes. Too much hype. I vaguely recall a high school trip to Stratford to see Hamlet. A significant percentage of the students had accidentally ingested quantities of something hallucinogenic. Things were ok until the great monologue, when DRY ICE was employed to distracting effect. "To be," "Wow! What... hey!" "or," "It's moving! Ohhh... !" and so on. Priceless.

I lump Branagh along with Stallone into the "Short Actors With Directorial Issues" category. I don't know if they are short but I make the rules. I have seen the movies but by and large I can't see why he bothered. All that said, his Henry V was excellent.

Mitch McDad

Dead Again is one of the best movies that no one has seen. And Strange Brew was tight...though the Great White North album was better.

Big fan of Hamlet. Saw Ralph Fiennes play the lead and someone else a few years before that. I'll have to check out the movie.

mrs t

I saw Dead Again- totally forgot about it until now, thanks for the memory jog! Kenneth Branagh also did a film - A Winter's Tale, or somesuch. It was a film about a group of actors doing Shakespeare in an abandoned church in England. Again, no one saw it- it was quite good. I saw it at some theater in Greenwich Village, actually. I don't think it was very widely released.


we are your niche. the dead again fans with a side of running scared.

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