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Welcome, 37 is not as bad as it first appears. Feels just like 30 or 31 to me.


Happy Birthday, oh eldest brother of mine! I hope you like your gift. And if not you can send it back & I'll enjoy it in all its geeky glory :).


Happy Birthday T! You don't look a day over 36...

Bill D

Happy Birthday!


37? You type like a 33 year old. Happy Birthday.


Heh. The rubidium looks like an unused metal tampon. I guess there's other things it would be worse to be.

Happy Birthday!


I can't believe you didn't want a katana for your birthday. They are the new new thing and come in a beautiful array of colors. I am waiting for the ikatana to come out, that kicks zombie ass and plays music.


37? Damn, you're old!

Hope you enjoy your birthday.

creative-type dad

happy birthday!

I once heard that getting older is like a roll of toilet paper, it goes by faster as you get to the middle.


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday. Thirty-seven is nothing. You don't get a tank until you're 40.


Happy birthday! Hey, I've got less than 365 days until I'm 40, so you're younger than me, if that's any consolation.


Happy Birthday! You da (very old) man!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! You're so young you could almost be my son (we start kind of early in Sweden.....)



Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, buddy!

Don't worry about getting old and lumpy. The women in your life are so cute nobody looks at you anyway.

the weirdgirl

Dude, Happy Birthday! And haven't you heard? 40 is the new 28... so that makes you just out of college!

(And tell you what... I'll buy you an iPhone if you buy me one.)


Happy birthday. Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.

L.A. Daddy

Damn, yer old. Not as old as me, so quit yer complainin'.

Trust me. It doesn't get any easier. And the view is really starting to flatten out.

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