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I have been hesitant to write about this today, though I was just miles from the Pentagon and watched it burn, because I felt I didn't really suffer the way others had. I also didn't want to give this administration any more fodder for waving the "terrorist" flag to justify the war in Iraq.

Thank you for this post. It reminds me why I must write about it and why we must remember.


I remember where I was. Senior year in college and my housemate Dave rushes into my room to wake me up before class......"We are going to war!!" he shouts. We ran out to the living room to the live news broadcast of the event frantically searching for answers to what had happened.

I remember disbelief, anxiety, anger and frustration as I searched for logical reasons why. I remember going to my International Studies class where my professor was so excited about 9-11 happening that he used it as an example in his class full of international students about how the US had this coming. I remember all the US students including myself going to his office after class to ridicule him for glorifying a horrific event.

The next day in class he appologised to all the American students in the class.

Sad day for everyone.


Nicely said.


Very well said.

the weirdgirl

I remember I was getting ready for work and the TV was on. I watched the second plane hit through the live feed. I just started crying. Later I started worrying about co-workers, many were traveling, some in New York.

My boss and close friend - his sister lost her husband that day.



Chris Cactus

Amen, my friend. Amen.


To all of them, and to all of us that were close. It was a tough day and for many always will be.

L.A. Daddy

Thanks for the post.

L.A. Daddy

Thanks for the post.


Amazing Tony. I generally steer clear of 9/11 posts but I'm glad I stayed for this one.


Like so many, I remember how crystal beautiful blue the skies were that day. I was in toronto, and my workplace was directly under the flightpath which that day, was eerily silent. So many of my coworkers had friends/family in new york, and all they could do was refresh cnn on their computers.

I don't think I've been so scared in such an indefinable way before or since-that's terrible feeling of knowing nothing in this age of knowing everything right away (or at least thinking we do)

Well said my friend.

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