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mr. big dubya

Heroes, huh? Well, it's about time. Have you seen Reaper yet? How about Pushing Daisies? I'm digging both. I haven't seen Chuck yet, but I'm hearing good things about it. The DVR is certainly gonna get a work out this season.


Love that Song. We are watching Torchwood (but I am a sci-fi nerd) and the same stuff from last year.

Hygiene Dad

We're watching Heroes as well. (Not 2-3 a night, but a few each week.) Love it.

So you have weird feet, huh?


Don't look back. You can never look back.

Heroes rules.


I too thought that Drew Bress would be putting up better numbers and I passed on Moss. But so far I am doing okay.


1. Diets are for girls. Man up sissy boy. Embrace and celebrate the Buddha.

2. The 4400 was Heroes before Heroes was cool (and it is). And by the way, how is it that Dubya has seen either Reaper or Daisies? Have I somehow missed the Watch Full Episodes Of All The Shit That You Can't Tivo Until October Channel?

3. Solution to lower digit dilemma: Buy Crocs, Ride Escalator


5. Nobody on the road. Nobody on the beach. Nobody ever liked that song. It was gay in 1985, and it's still gay in 2007. Go put on some Mindcrime and cleanse thyself man.


5-a. Upon reflection, Mindcrime won't be enough. You need Master Of Puppets help.


I'm watching Torchwood also (BBC America) AND I don't even like science fiction (don't like science fiction, never finished LOTR, never really understood the appeal of Radiohead, my list of flaws goes on and on and on).

I want cool fall weather for apple picking tomorrow and the weather is telling me to load up the car and hit the beach.

Re: BIYF's 5a. Chopping your breakfast on a mirror technically COULD eliminate the need to diet and you wouldn't ever notice being cold.

L.A. Daddy

Look at the bright side. Next week, you play me, and a few of my starters have a Bye week. Which might give you a slim, fighting chance...

I'm actually just now catching up with Battlestar Galactica on DVD. Next, I'll be checking out this whole "24" thing...



We bought the Season One DVD and tore through that sucker in about 5 days. For those of you keeping track at home...yes, that means we watched about 4 hours/night. Was worth every second.

bradley egel

I am so out of the Heroes loop...

Your fantasy football assumptions were not good...but I am quite sure many people felt the same way...and my Beloved Bears blow so far this year!

William from Poop and Boogies recommended you...and I am enjoying your blog :)

The Egel Nest


Yesterday we were searching for the Spiral Jetty (on the Great Salt Lake) with some friends who were raving about the latest Heroes episode and my husband looked over at me with a defeated "I guess we'd better go get season one and get on board with this." As for those fabulous Mickey slippers, after this summer I feel like those ARE my feet! (Curse those "potty treats" I bought for my 3 year old.)

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