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Okay, time to get in her bedroom, take out those story books we sent and get a refresher course on those timeless stories. They'll all come back to you.


That is an AWESOME idea. I'm definitely using it tonight at bedtime. Perhaps we'll start with the oeuvre of Schwarzenneger movies.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


(Tell Karl his brother is dead.)


Hubby used to sing the Violent Femmes to Noodle as a lullabies...When I'm a walking I strut myself...but in a soft sweet voice.
He didn't know any lullabies. I think this is why she doesn't like Hannah Montana and she does like the Pixies.


"In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit..."


I have the kids singing along to selections from 'Drums & Wires' which I think guarantees they, like me, will never be able to dance.


My dad used to tell me the best stories, until I finally caught on that he was basically retelling I Love Lucy episodes with the names of the characters changed.

It was a sad day for both of us when I realized it.

the weirdgirl

That is totally the type of story Keen would tell. Especially Die Hard. He loves those flicks.

Me, like others above, just sing Ramones, and Violent Femmes, and other alternative/punk ditties. And yes, my son sings along.


I now have a present for her b-day. Thanks for making it so easy :D.

L.A. Daddy

Ahh, my favorite Christmas movie! Excellent idea.

As a screenwriter, I could never make up a story on the spot. I'd have to test the pitch concept with marketing first, to see if there would be a trailer.

Then I'd have to let the agent haggle over the price. We didn't strike for nothin' ya know.

Then, there would be the two weeks of outlining. Posting everything on a 3x5 card and filling the big board with all the story beats.

Then there would be the finalized treatment for the story.

Next, I'd have to deal with all the studio notes asking for ridiculous changes.

Finally, there would be several drafts, a polish, and a shooting script.

That's just too much to ask. I'll need at least a month...

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