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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ok, is it sad that I immediately thought of Chun Li from Street Fighter at the end of that video? And why the heck didn't you go to Comicon?!?


TheOtherCW is right. We totally should have gone to ComicCon on Sunday morning. It was Family Day! Of course, that means there probably weren't any half-naked She-Ras or Princess Leia's running around but still...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Crap. I've got no wife.


Good luck with the new site...it looks great.


You and I have so much in common, I was actually thinking of a post called 'Why won't my husband let me get s Wii?'.


I knew that behind the New York hair and blazer so non chalantly worn with jeans and funky shoes that you were still the same guy I knew back in the day. You know, the one with a chess board beach towel (with matching game pieces, waterproof for the beach or pool!) and a model of the Enterprise on your desk.


(Sadly) my husband and I spend our weeknights side by side on the couch on our laptops with the t.v. on. Thank you for providing us with his and hers blogs to read as well. It's kind of charming in an Ozzy and Harriet sort of way.

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