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I don't say this often (enough), but that is a very stupid site.

Your wife and her response were much more civil than anything I would have offered had I been in your place. Kudos to her.


BTW, I've been constantly refreshing my browser. It doesn't feel masturbatory. Am I doing it wrong?


Seriously? WTF? How traumatic for all of you. The poster on ISYN got one thing right- you daughter is very pretty. And sweet. And, as I have personally witnessed, full of beans. And adorable. I could go on and on.

As for commenters: I think this pretty much says it all http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1821646,00.html

Sorry you have to deal with this.


Okay, this is all just so bizarre. The fact that that site exists, the fact that your babysitter was actually on it and the fact that people randomly care.

Very surreal. People really do need to get a life.


WTF?! Who has time to lambast other people for their parenting or nannying? I can hardly take care of my own life. The commenter umassslytherin really, really needs to get laid. Or perhaps just some masturbatory action would help.


Dude, that shit is fucking CRAZY! I guess it's true what they say. Hell is other people.


Kee-rist, I couldn't read even 1/4th of the comments before I had to close my browser, or risk a high-blood-pressure episode. Those people need to seriously get a life.


How dare someone take a picture of "our" child and put it on the internet. I am furious that that can be allowed and that person not get in trouble for evasion of privacy. It's a good thing I live way over here.

The Laundress


A whole shake down here.

I don't like the idea of people snapping pictures of other people's kids.

And I feel that unless the kid is in severe danger, we should ALL mind our own business.

And these nanny stalkers need to get a life.


Wow, sorry your family is going through this.
I nicknamed my second child "wrongside". He is four and still prone to manic behavior. Every time he leaves the house, regardless of who is with, there may be an incident. I did not watch the video. I have carried David down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, thinking to myself if I were someone else, would I say something to this guy carrying that screaming child away from where the screaming child wants to be.
If I were a stranger and had a video camera I would definitely have videoed our journey.
Trust your instincts and move forward. A little break from the baby sitter might not hurt.
My Best


All those commenters need to get a life and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Your relationship with your babysitter is your business and your business only. Do not get sucked into the opinions of others.

Trooper Thorn

Little clusters of fuckwads used to gather behind the school near the dumpsters and say nasty things about all the other kids. Now the Internet allows them do it from the comfort of their parents' basement, the public library or the computer lab at the women's minimum security prison during free time.

Is I Saw Your Nanny the only site for sanctioned spying and pissing on the Bill of Rights? What about I Saw Your Minister, I Saw Your Foreign Exchange Student or I Saw Your Dry Cleaner?


Holy moley! Are those people on that site 12 years old? Cause that's what it sounds like. I had to stop reading or my mind was going to explode!

Sorry that you guys are having to deal with this.

Anna Balasi

Thank you! This has always been a gripe for me when it comes to parenting and the public. I look at reality shows with families in them (and I'm talking the TLC variety here), often portrayed as dysfuntional and--yes, seemingly anti-family values on some lever or other, and I cringe when viewers and bloggers become the great big authority on parenting and marriage. It seems to me that people think that just because the word "reality" is pasted on the show, they COMPLETELY believe that everything on screen is actually what is. The same goes for sites like the one you mentioned and the people who populate it... both of which have no journalistic credibility or exerpience investigating REAL issues pertaining to childcare. I feel bad for your nanny, and I really hate those people in "I Saw Your Nanny." Ah, well...


All I'm gonna say is that my faith in humanity has not been helped by this. Thanks, bro.


If only Mao had use of the internet. Fucking police-minded nobodies.


People love to get on the internet and spout all manner rude hateful things they would probably never dare say to someone's face. Yay for the internet in many ways, but sites like that one seem to illustrate how we're becoming more and more cowardly, socially speaking. I'm sorry you guys had to go through that garbage.


Dear Blogger,
I am really sorry this was such a horrible experience for you. If you have read my comments on ISYN regarding posting pictures of children, I always clearly state that I do not find this acceptable at all. I too would be furious if my child's picture were posted on the internet.

I do enjoy going on ISYN, which is really no different from your own blog in the sense that it is a forum for people to post their opinions and thoughts. I enjoy most of the posters on it and think many of them are intelligent, honest and kind. Not all of them, of course. Same with your blog. I didn't really see the point in one of your commenters saying how I "need to get laid." I thought that was pretty juvenile and rude. But there you have it: on any blog, on any site you see kind people, intelligent people, and some people who are just jerks.

I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with ISYN. But I personally do not see the blog as a reflection of how bad society is. Most of the posts are honest, helpful and insightful. I realize I don't need to stick up for it, if you and your readers hate it, I do respect that.

Again, I am sorry for the fact that the posting has upset you. I don't think the blog administrators had that intent at all. As far as the insensitive posts, I am sorry for that too although I do not recall posting anything insensitive. If I did, I truly apologize. But I know that I do not make crass statements about other innocent posters and how I think "they should get laid." In my opinion, that was more insensitive than any comment I have read lately on ISYN.

I hope you and your family are well. Peace.

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