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A thought or two. Or three or four.

1. This at home dad concurs: cabin fever is no fun.
2. Always respect what the inanimate objects have to say; you never know when they’ll start speaking to you directly. (See #1)
3. Sporks: Entirely misunderstood. They are, apparently,

4. Be thankful for Starbucks, warts and all; they’re better than being relegated to the public library (Blech)

Anyway, hang tight and good luck with the recruiters!

PS- When you’re done with Firefly, I wouldn’t bother with the movie. Just saying.


I have the entire boxed set to BBC's "Keeping Up Appearances", with Hyacinth Bucket (that's pronounce "Bouquet") providing endless joy as she resists the low class antics of her sisters Daisy, Rose and Violet. If you are interested in borrowing, it's a great time occupier.

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