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Thank you for providing me with an excuse to talk about music. I'll have to give this some thought...

(Deee-Lite? Really?)


Yes, Deee-Lite. And before anyone else says it...yes, Garth Brooks.

Can't wait to see everyone's list. Think hard...there are a lot of worthy songs that just miss the cut...


Hmm...interesting list so far. And the correct response to the first comment is "HELL YES, DEEE-LITE!" I'm so glad you have them on your list, lol. This is why you're awesome.


"It can only include songs that came out after 1984."

I'm admittedly a child of the 80s and 90s, so this doesn't seem too difficult. Narrowing it down would be harder.


And thus, you are the tiny snowflake that started the avalanche. It's back to the blog for me after what- a yearish? Longer?

I am powerless against the music meme.

the weirdgirl

Blind Melon might make my list. Love that song.

Actually, I think cutting it off until 1984 might make it easier. Except for missing the punk. I dig the punk.


Awesome list so far. Can't wait for the rest.

Now, since the time period specified basically takes place after the MTV revolution, my one question to you is this: is the song's music video a factor in your choices? My assumption that your balanced scorecard takes this into account.

I would love to see your final list, and a list that lists your top 25 MUSIC VIDEOS of the last 25 years and compare.


Wow, ambitious project.

As a Texan who heard the song way too many times in high school, I can't follow you down the Friends In Low Places road. It makes me twitch.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I have been thinking about this for three days now.

This is hard!

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