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always home and uncool

The one time EVER one on my kids stood in a shopping cart, I hit a bump in the parking lot and Thing 1 flipped out, head first on to the pavement. No worse for wear, but wiser in the laws of physics.

the weirdgirl

I'm with always home and uncool... the universe conspires to put obstacles in parents' way when we least expect them. Or our children are unsecured.

I gotta give it up for Cheeky, though! What a trooper!


My daughter took a nosedive out of our stroller once. She now has a coin slot tattoo on her forehead.

Glad she's ok . . .


Man, I'm a good 30 years older than your kid and I can't wear white clothes at all. It's a guaranteed magnet for coffee, dirt, ketchup, or whatever the hell. So really, you were just teaching her an important life lesson about white clothing.

Pinoy Daddy

You got it right there... The smile of forgiveness from your daughter allows you to forgive yourself. I guess that is the best part of having a child.


Dude- she instinctively landed on her feet AND saved her street meat. Parenting WIN.

Does she sleep with one eye open, too?


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How did I miss this? It's awesome. Except for the fact that after your little heimlich reference I was sure that you were going to say you puked on her head too. Now that would have been great.


My daughter took a fall head first while trying to climb out of her crib. That does not make you a bad parent or an abusive parent.


My niece once took a very, very long tumble down a long flight of stairs. She was a little shook up, but none the worse for wear. Wew!

KC at Crib Sale

I think this is pretty normal even if we all focus on taking good care of our kids, they all undergo a stage like this-falling, slides etc.

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